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                                 Including Yard Signs


Flocking Prices

Email us at [email protected] for accurate pricing before placing order. We will add the appropriate mileage fee based on the nearest flocker to the recipients address. THANK YOU!



Size of the Flock 

(flocking prices are inclusive covering; flock, mileage, processing fee)

1 Flock (25 birds) . . . . .   $55.00

1 1/2 Flock (37 birds) . . . $69.00

Double Flock (50 birds)  . $79.00

Triple Flock (75 birds) . . . $89.00

All flock pricing includes appropriate themed hats or decorations! 

Yard Signs - See Photo Section

$50 for yard signs alone

$25 if added to an already booked flocking

Large birthday yard sign with 12 small presents

12 Happy Faces 

12 Hearts 

12 Grad Happy Faces/Diplomas

Bridal Shower Package 

6 ft. Stork / 10 babies

Over the Hill Birthday Package (large buzzard and small buzzards or black age clouds)

Sports Package 


Ask us about combining packages for a really great deal!



Mileage is a set $5 unless it is determined the more mileage is needed.

Flocker's Zip codes:  97351, 97303, 97229, 97080, 97756, 98685

                                                      Less than 24 hour notice  . . . . . . . . . $10.00



 Tips are optional, but always appreciated!

When ordering you can specify a greeting to be displayed with your flock, plus you can adopt a flamingo for the recipient to keep!


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